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Gas station

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Gas station


The prominent gas station chain in Europe was experiencing a significant challenge related to merchandise accounting and balance write-offs. There are several separate coffee machines at the convenience store at the gas station, where the customers can get the drink by paying at the cash desk.

A common occurrence was that customers paid for cheaper beverages at the cash register and, in the end, poured an entirely different drink, usually a more expensive one. The gas station operators approached the SmVend with the request to solve a described issue.

SmVend solution

SmVend accepted the challenge, and in response to this predicament, we seamlessly integrated the client’s cash register system with their internal back office system via the SmVend controller. This integration established a comprehensive eco-system that ensures accuracy and accountability.

Here’s how it works. When a customer pays for a specific beverage, such as an Americano, the information is instantaneously transmitted to the coffee machine. A telemetry controller installed within the coffee machine restricts the beverage production solely to the paid-for Americano. Any attempts by the customer to select alternative drinks are prevented.

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